Candidates Feedback about the new preparation structure “Best Receptionist 2021”

Author Martina Knitter and Lina Marie Buss

Having the mentoring programme available in four sections of AICR has also made an positive impact on the Competion BEST RECEPTIONIST 2021.

Training Dolder Grand AICR Switzerland


In Germany and Switzerland the mentors have initiated a “Get together” and “Get ready” Zoom call before the competition to prepare the candidates and focus on their Team Building.


Guiding them through the competition by beeing available for questions and to share experience was only a few of the tasks the mentors where holding throughout the competition days preparation for the Competition Best Receptionist 2020.



As participating in the competition is just the beginning of the journey within the AICR Family we wanted to ensure the participants are aware of their oppertunities and guide them further through their career.





For this the “Get further” call has introduced the mentoring programm and each of the participants was offered to choose a mentor from the wide selection of AICR Certified Mentors of Austria, Germany, Switzerland and UK.


Please read here some of the very postitive feedback about these additions:

Elsa- Hilton Geneva (AICR Switzerland)

To answer the question about the mentoring we benefited from for the AICR competition: I’d say it gave me confidence, by helping me focus on my strengths. We tend to think about your weakenesses, so I really enjoyed the exercise we had to do when we had to ask our friends, family and colleagues about our abilities.
I also liked the fact that we were given the chance to meet via Zoom before actually seeing each other in person.
But what I liked most was the welcoming atmosphere. I think it’s fair to say we all felt very at ease right from the start, you and Martina were very nice and trustworthy.

Jeroen- Ritz Carlton Berlin (AICR Germany)

I think everybody knows how hard it is to be thrown in at the deep end: That’s the reason why I was more than happy to receive an invitation for a Pre-ROTY-Zoom-Call. It was a fantastic opportunity to get to know everybody, to meet a part of our jury, and to connect to my adversaries. When meeting in real life in Hamburg, it was easy to recognize all the participants & to get in touch with everybody.

Being part of a Wrap-Up-Zoom-Call after a month helped me, to keep all of these great moments I had in Hamburg in mind and the most important thing is: You can stay in touch with the entire AICR-Family.

Martina – Miciecki Coaching.Mentoring (Trainer AICR Switzerland)

A successful training with the candidates for the competition for the best receptionists in Switzerland is coming to an end.
Super engagment and full commitment from everyone, bravo! You can be really proud of yourself.
I really enjoyed that session as your trainer. I am grateful to be able to work with such wonderful talents and with my great Co-Trainer


If you like to learn more about the Competition, the Mentoring programm or the AICR please send us a mail: