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Welcome to AICR China

Welcome to AICR China! We’re thrilled to join the esteemed AICR International family. With
its rich history in art, philosophy, and political progression, Chinese culture stands as one of
the world’ oldest and most intricate civilizations. Our hospitality draws from the profound
contributions of Confucianism and Taoism, which hold universal significance. AICR China not
only embraces the essence of amicalement but also showcases China’s hospitality, serving
as a bridge between China and the global community.

Our goals include providing international exposure for hospitality professionals, educators,
and students, hosting the World’s Best Receptionist Competition in China, offering industry
training and executive programs, facilitating social media exposure and marketing, and
optimizing hospitality sourcing channels.

Hospitality transcends borders, focusing on sharing, assistance, and creating memorable
experiences. As AICR China, we’re dedicated to contributing our best efforts to ensure the
success of this journey ahead!

Joy Dong
AICR President

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