Exciting news from AICR Germany- mentoring is coming to town.

Author Lina Marie Buss, Head of Education AICR Germany

A change in the presidium has also let to a changed environment at this years competition:

Internationally, members have successfully taken part in the mentoring training last spring and the sections Switzerland and UK have progressed successfully and innovatively.

We want to support our members and add value to their personal and professional future.

For the first time the mentoring programme, consisting out of two parts was introduced in Germany.

To prepare our young professionals equally and in the best possible way trainings, workshops and informative events will take place in advance to the competition. The acquired knowledge will not only benefit the talents for the competition itself but above all for their professional future.

The importance of promoting young talents has always been a concern of the AICR, but the extreme lack of professional staff shows that there is plenty of room for improvement in this area. The AICR does not only play an important role in supporting young professionals
working at the Front Office linked with the competition, but much more as a companion on their further professional path afterwards. With the Leadership Certification and the Mentoring Programme, great innovative ideas have been put into practice.

AICR Germany - Präsidium 2021

In the German section each of our finalists will receive a mentor after the competition. In cooperation with Switzerland and UK the certified and knowledgeable mentors will soon guide our new mentees through their next career steps and will offer them support even in
difficult times.

At the follow-up and get further meetings after the ROTY with this years finalists, the new programme was initiated and will be implemented in the coming weeks.

I myself have met people again and again who were mentors to me and who have significantly influenced my path in life, be it professionally or personally. During and after my participation in ROTY 2019, members of the AICR came into my life as mentors.

As the head of education AICR Germany I am really looking forward to the individual success stories of our mentees and mentors, to a wonderful collaboration with all international mentors and all the great amical moments with the AICR to come.