Growing mentoring Programme- New mentors on board

Author: Martina Knitter, Mentoring Team Switzerland

In April 2021 AICR International initated the first certification prosess Kevin from “Lighthouse Development”: Acknowledge, agreed,achieve

One year later the the AICR mentoring programme keeps on growing (see my article Mentoring means development)


Now it is a great pleasure to present some new mentors available for mentoring within the AICR INTERNATIONAL:


Section Austria

Sophie-Maria Anker: Sales Manager Switzerland, hotelkit GmbH

Sophia-Maria Anker | LinkedIn

Type of mentor: Good listener


Why I want to be your Mentor? Because I had always wished to have one myself. I would have loved to have
a person I can talk to when it comes to making the right decisions concerning my future: professional
as well as my private life. And that does not mean that I don’t have friends or family I can talk
to – but I wanted a person who sees my life from a completely different perspective.

As your mentor I will support you by gaining self-confidence and by making the (not always) right
decisions for your life. I will always be honest with you and let you know what I am thinking of
your ideas, your problem-solving solutions and any of your inputs. I want to have discussions with
you so we can learn from each other. And as your mentor, I want to build up a relationship which
lasts for a long period of time and not only for a predefined timeframe.

I can’t say that I have a lot of experiences being a mentor – yet. But there is always a start and
this is mine. I know my strengths – and my weaknesses. I might not always use them right but I
am constantly improving – together with you as my mentee, we will get stronger and stronger.

My preferred mentor type is the “Good listener”. I will always have an open ear to listen to whatever
you want to tell me and afterwards, you will receive my honest feedback.


Marie-Theres Puechl: Assistant Front office Manager, Park Hyatt, Vienna


Type of Mentor: Life Coach


I like to share my experience and help others with that in their decision-making. I like to support others with giving reassurance when unsure. Sometimes you need someone to listen to concerns or giving you advice. It is most rewarding to help someone else realizing plans and goals, through exchanging experience. This is why I am a mentor – I like to be there to help you grow.

Fortunatly I took part in a mentoring programme which benefited myself. It was refreshing to share my concerns with my mentor and not reporting directly to my superior/boss. Like this I could work on how to overcome challenges which I felt were impossible to overcome. I also always needed practicable advice and with a mentor I got reassurance and also practicable tips of what to do when I came across certain situations.

I look forward to getting to know an individual and helping this person grow personally and professionally as well as becoming a trusted advisor of someone who I would have otherwise never met.

As I strongly believe personal matters influence our career, I therefor see myself as a LifeCoach. I like to listen and give advice on both, personal and professional situations. Whatever the mentee wants to share and looks for support – I am available.


Section Germany

Johanna Boss: Assistant General Manager at Mercure Hotel Berlin City

Johanna Boss | LinkedIn

Type of mentor: Eager Teacher


During my career I always had colleagues, managers and friends to ask for advice or ideas. I was taking a management trainee programme from our company and during this year my General Manager was also called to be my Mentor. This was a great programme as he helped me a lot and still is one of my role models, but was this really mentoring?
I think a mentor is only someone from the outside- at least not your colleague or manager in anyways.
Because a mentor gives you different feedback, sees other problems or finds completely new challenges. Therefore a mentor just helps you find a new perspective, another angle and can be supportive in another way- I missed this within my starting career at the front desk, so I want to help other young talents with my experiences and give them a chance to maybe ask me, what they did want to ask their manager, colleague or friends. I want to be an Expert Outsider.

If had to decide for one type of mentor, I would say that I am the „Eager Teacher“ – I still am too young, to call myself wise or hand out „life goals“ but I like to share my knowledge. I love to educate and I am not afraid to pass and share what I learned. And this type of mentor – at least for me- includes to share the way with your mentee and to look out for them and watch them grow.
This is what I looking forward to the most for the start of this mentoring program.


Lina Marie Buss: Student, Sales Assitant Interalpen Hotel Tyrol

Lina Marie Buß | LinkedIn

Type of mentor: Live Coach


I have become a mentor because I feel like I want to give something back. In the past years I have met a few very special people who became mentors to me. Their guidance has had an influence on my personal and professional life.
I am looking forward to working together with my future mentee on his/her personal and professional growth. The relationship between mentee and mentor is a process of development for both parties.
What keeps me motivated despite challenging times are the wonderful, passionate, young talents in our industry who are looking for guidance and appreciation.


Sebastian Loelf: stellv. Direktor im Novotel Berlin Am Tiergarten

Sebastian Loelf | LinkedIn

Type of mentor: a Mix of Generous peer and Good listener


I love to nurture young talents. It is very fulfilling to see how my experience and thought-provoking ideas are used as valuable tools. Sometimes it’s just “little things” that can help each other and move you forward.

Years back I had a good mentor who saw something in me. He recognized my potential and gave me a lot of important and decisive support. I was able to take a lot from his experience and his know how for myself.This has positively developed, strengthened and advanced me professionally. Without him, I would not be where I am today and this should not be the end.

For me it is important in a mentor-relationship that everything happens at eye level, only than you can find common ground and the mentoring is valuable for both parties. There are different possibilities and how you finally implement them is up to you.

I am happy to meet young and committed talents and to support them in their development and their next steps.


Thilo Riemann: Guest Relation Manager, Maritim Seehotel, Timmendorfer Strand

Thilo Riemann | LinkedIn

Type of mentor: Can find myself in each type- maybe a good mix of it


During my 20 years of experience in various management positions in different hotels I discovered that the greatest pleasure of my work was sharing my experiences and my knowledge with other colleagues, especially younger ones. Even though never been an officially appointed mentor for anyone yet, I am confident that my advice has already helped quite a few of my colleagues with their own careers.
And I am always truly delighted whenever, someone approaches me to seek advice for an important matter to him or her.

It is satisfying making my experience available to younger people and passing specific knowledge on to newcomers. Additionally I support colleagues in acquiring new skills and in networking with business partners. On request advise others on personal matters or on career goals, listen to someone and offer advice.

To sum it up: I am always happy to help and really looking forward to work with you!



Section Switzerland

Janine Fink: Talent Manager & Mentor bei der Dolder Hotel AG

Janine Fink | LinkedIn

Type of mentor: Live Coach and wise veteran (in hospitality service excellence questions)

I am a Mentor because I love it to coach our young leaders in this wonderful hospitality industry. It is important to me to understand the challenges of the new generations in the hospitality and find a creative way to solve issues by bringing new perspectives on the table.

Since 3 years I am a Mentor  at the Dolder Grand since 3 years and finally got the Mentor diploma in December 2021. I am coaching 2 new leaders per week in 90 minutes sessions. A Mentoring at the Dolder Grand is usually set for 3 months, where we select 2 goals for achievement in that period. I do work with all kinds of tools: from classic mind maps to playmobil settings on to online visualisation sessions. My main role is a mentor who will give advice and the role of a coach to ask the right questions. I am responsible for the process in our Mentoring and the Mentoree is taking decisions and finding solutions to onfold his/her full potential.

At the moment  I am proud to Coach Paulina Frenzel our AICR Winner Switzerland. She will take the Challenge on the Best Receptionnist Contest AICR International in Baden Baden this spring.


Julian Ferrante: Receptionist Pilatus Kulm Hotels & Student
Type of mentor: : Eager Teacher

I was the first swiss competitor for Hotel Reception at the WorldSkills 2019 in Kazan and also for the EuroSkills 2021 in Graz whereas I won the Bronze Medal. I’ve never had the chance myself to benefit from a predecessor. This is why I am happy to share my experience with all who dream of being a part of national and international professional competitions (preferably Hotel Reception 😉 . If you are aiming to compete in a professional contest I’m going to take you by the hand and help you face the challenges “on and off the pitch”.

other insights from Julianin his blog posts: Persepctive of a peer mentor

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Section United Kingdom:

All informations of the mentors of AICR UK are available on their website. 


If you are interesed in joing our programme or have other questions for one of the above mentors, drop us a line or a comment:

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