Too Young for Leadership?

Author: Martina Miciecki, Mentoring Team Switzerland,

The beautiful side effect: a promotion to a higher position with more responsibility usually comes
with increased salary or benefits. Especially now, in times of skilled labor shortages and an
employee market, wonderful opportunities may open up for you.

However, many young talents hesitate to take the next step, fearing they are ‘too young’ for a
leadership position.

Today, I will discuss why leadership is not a question of age.

Are you perhaps standing at the threshold of a new phase in your career? Is the desire for
advancement conflicting with the concern that it might be too early for you? I can reassure you:
these thoughts are normal – and I can speak from my own experience.

My Personal Story:

At the tender age of 25, I entered my first leadership position. Having just successfully completed hotel management school in Heidelberg, I landed a position as an executive assistant in Switzerland. After a year in France, it was my second opportunity to work abroad  and I was thrilled.

I had always wanted to work in Switzerland during my hotel apprenticeship because the
hospitality industry here has a good reputation. I was even more delighted that I got this chance so quickly.

Unfortunately, operational leadership was not taught at hotel management school. I realized this
only on-site. I had the opportunity to learn a lot from my then bosses, and I am still grateful to
them. We still stay in touch, which I greatly appreciate.

There were more hotels, positions, and at the age of 33, the position of hotel director in a 4-star
hotel. At that time, there were not many women in leadership positions in upscale hospitality.
And I had made it! The hotel was very successful over the years and even received an award as
one of the friendliest city hotels in Switzerland. We were simply a great team.

Were the shoes big? Oh yes, I initially “swam” in most positions and occasionally stumbled over
my own feet.

Did that stop me? No.

If I had felt “too young” back then, I wouldn’t have started my first leadership position at 25, nor
would I have become a hotel director at the age of 33. And if I could achieve all that, so can you!

And that it is possible is also proven by other success stories from my leadership days: two of
my former apprentices now successfully manage hotels themselves – and they are both in their
early 30s! I am incredibly proud of them. But also, clients from my coaching have successfully
switched and had a great career.

Challenges of Young Leaders and Solutions:

So, I know the typical fears and concerns that may cross your mind very well from my own
experience, the development of my former employees, and from coaching my clients. Therefore,
I am happy to give you an overview of these of these common challenges:

  • The worry about not being taken seriously
  • The fear of lacking experience
  • The uncertainty of projecting authority
  • Concerns about not being accepted by older colleagues
  • The fear of being overwhelmed with responsibility
  • The question of self-confidence

But if you have been reading my blog articles for a while, you know that I not only point out
problems or challenges but also always provide solutions that can help you overcome these
obstacles. Here are 3 options:

  1. Read the blog article: Zu jung für die Führung? – Martina Miciecki Coaching.Mentoring
  2. Another option is the AICR Mentoring Programme, where members receive support and
    guidance from mentors: 
  3. Last but not least – if you are thinking about taking the next step in your career, I have
    something special planned for you: an online workshop where I will show you how to confidently
    start your new leadership role.

“Too young” doesn’t exist in my workshop. Here, you will learn to confidently start your first or
next leadership role, regardless of your age.

But this workshop will not only be about your mindset; we will also develop a clear plan together
to rock the first weeks and months in your new position successfully. It’s an interactive workshop
where you will apply what you learn.

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