Changes in AICR Education- Thank you Lilly

Author Martina KnitterMentoring Team AICR Switzerland

After the re-election of our President Arian Roehrle for another 2 years, there are some changes to announce for the AICR International Comittee.

Changes are oppertunities, though in this case we are sad to annonce that Lilly is steping down.

For the mentoring teams from all sections it was a great pleasure working with Lilly Freudmayer during the last 2 years.

Our greates achievment was certainly the implementation of the AICR Certified Mentor (please see our article “agreed, achieved”). But besides this Lilly was always available to discuss and support our needs and ideas.

Lilly has handed over the Head of Eduction to Louise and we are looking forward working with her. Our next plans are

  • New Training to become an AICR Certified Mentor – please contact us if you like to join.
  • Pairing Mentees and Mentors of the Best Receptionist 2022

But now we would like to say: Thank you to Lilly!


Marvin Ho:

Thank you Lilly for all you have done for AICR!

It is not a goodbye, we will meet soon. Big hughs, Marvin




Louise Brodie:

Lilly is always an inspirationto be around. Dedicated, selfless and kind beyond words.

I will miss working with her on the International Comitee but

look forward to many more magical Amical memories together.



Dear Lilly, Thank you for everything, wishing you all the Best and looking forward seeing you soon again,