Mentoring at the AICR Experience Baden Baden 2022

Author: Martina Knitter & Lina Marie Buss, Mentoring Team Switzerland


For everyone not beeing able to attend the AICR Experience in Baden Baden we would like to share here the short speach that was planned from the Mentoring Team during the Casino night evening.

Lina Marie Buss (AICR Germany) was so kind to volonteer on presenting mentoring during the event and with Lilly Freudmayer giving the subject some valuable time during the General Assembly we hope that we have reached a bigger audience on our goals.


Dear Amicalists,

Firstly, let me thank our Mentors from all different sections for their continuous engagement by living the idea of mentoring and our Mentees which are trusting us and are eager to work together with us on their personal and professional growth.

Supporting and developing our members is one of the key tasks of the Amicale- next to good networking events of course, or even better both combined.

In 2020 during the Pandemic Lock Down the AICR Switzerland picked up the mentoring Programm from the UK section after realising how much impact this could have to a young professional and his career – especially in this challenging times.

The focus at the beginning was to support the young members in preparing for the competition and later in their professional careers. And the achievements of Mentees and Mentors are enjoyable to watch.

Ever since Mentoring is growing with more sections joining in and meant to become a strong pillar within the AICR for all members.

I want to take a step back…

The AICR is very keen to contribute to the topic of further training and development in the hotel industry. To support its members in fulfilling their potential and achieving their professional goals, AICR International offers a range of educational services.

But so far the AICR education (journey) has been a “one-way street”.
It all starts with a candidate for the Worlds Best Rceptionist Competition. After participating and hopefully staying connected or interested he/she became an AICR member after a few years, when beeing promoted to an Assistant Front Office Manager. To reach a further higher position maybe he/she took than part in the leadership certification.

But what happened in between and what comes after? How can we ensure we really stay conected? And not only by chance…

We think of it more like a cycle now and therefor would like to introduce AICReducation

So we still start of course with the candidate participating in the contest. But now Mentoring starts immediatley: with trainings to prepare every candidate equally for the contest. All candidates will be accompanied and can choose their mentor to work with after the competition. They can stay connected and as a direct point of reference the mentee has an expirienced AICR certified mentor.

The Mentor would also guide and support him during the Leadership Certification and his/her first managerial position. From than the previous mentee can start to become a Mentor for the next generation of young talents.


So the long-term goal is:

  • AICR helps on the way to Assistant Manager and above
  • Amical exchange between the generations takes place (the ‘young’ learn from the ‘old’ and vice versa)
  • Togetherness and learning and development are strengthened

The future of AICR and hospitality lies in the hands of young members and young industry friends. AICR supports young talents through its mentoring offer.