What type of a mentor are you?

Author: Martina Miciecki, Mentoring Team Switzerland, September, 2021


Mentors can take on different roles depending on the topic: role model, advisor, teacher, guide and much more.

I personally like very much the definition given by Michael Sonnenfeldt, CEO and Chairman of Tiger 21. He distinguishes 5 types of mentors:

  • Wise veteran: he or she makes his or her knowledge and experience available to younger people.
  • Eager teacher: he or she passes specific knowledge on to newcomers.
  • Generous peer: he or she supports colleagues or friends in acquiring new skills and in networking with business partners.
  •  Life Coach: he or she advises others on personal matters or career goals.
  •  Good listener: he or she is simply there to listen and to offer possible solutions to problems or challenges or to give ideas.

Mentoring is a real booster, especially for inexperienced managers.

A mentor can be useful for his or her mentee not only in professional but also in personal areas. Whether professional or personal – the focus of the exchange is determined jointly by the mentor and mentee. The meeting is voluntary.

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