BE OR NOT TO BE – that is here the question..

Author: Martina Knitter, Mentoring Team Switzerland


Event though it is not a question for me- clearly TO BE- be a mentee.

Let us look at only some of the benefits mentoring can have for you:

Increase your knowledge

Your mentor will certainly have different experiences as well as other areas of expertise than you. You can benefit from this by listening and utilising on his skills. Considering your mentors advice can help during decision making process.

Receive feedback, words of encouragement & constructive criticism

Even as a Manager and in any point of your career you need some advice on specific situation. Having an objective feedback is essential for your development.

Personal growth

Challenging ourselves and leaving our comfort zones helps us to grow and develop. With guidance and support of a more experienced person it will be more easy and certainly more successful.

Goal setting

Aiming for higher and better in order to reach our goals. Here your mentor can follow up on the process, giving new perspectives as well as encourage you for beeing more specific about your goals and with that more successful reaching them.

Network connection

This is more important than ever. Getting to know the right people, increasing your network and presenting yourself can have a big impact on your working life and career.
(One example you can find in my previous article: THE CIRCLE OF LIFE)


And all this only apply to youngster? To the Junior Club of AICR? I believe it is quite clearly that this applies to all levels, everyone can benefit from all or at least some of the above. I AM still e mentee myself and I am very grateful to experience it!


You want to give it a try? TO BE – a mentee…

Sign in via for a trial sessions during the National Event in Zürich 29.10.2021- 31.10.2021 or leave us a comment here.

The mentoring team of AICR Switzerland will contact you.


Coming up: BE OR NOT TO BE … a mentor..Julian Ferrante becomes a Peer Mentor for AICR Switzerland.