Thank you Notes from the Mentees

Author Martina KnitterMentoring Team AICR Switzerland

As you certainly remember…. it was Thank your Mentor Day on the 21st January 2023.

We did ask our mentees in our Blog Articel ” Mentees – Get ready” to send us some feedback and we are pleased to share only some of the ones received:


“Danke, dass Du jederzeit erreichbar bist und mir immer … Zur Seite steht. Ich schätze Deiner Unterstützung sehr” Sarah

“… You were my first German friend and I learned so much from you.. ” Vithay
“Danke Dir für alles dieses Jahr, weiss es sehr zu schätzen” Nicolas
“Mir persönlich hat das Training sehr geholfen nicht nur mental sondern auch körperlich”. Enéa


AICR UK even provided a very nice collage, which we like to share here:


Beeing a mentor is always rewarding and all the AICR mentors agree that mentoring is a win-win situation. Nevertheless these kind words we received were very welcome and we appreciate the effort the young mentees put into it!


Are you interesed in becoming a mentor or mentee? Please send us a mail on or leave a comment below