Excellence breeds excellence- supported by mentoring switzerland

Author: Jakob Koepernick, March 2022

…True to the movie quote “Avengers assemble!”

Paulina Frenzel’s preparation for the AICR’s World’s Best Receptionist 2022 Competition is in full swing.

Our superstar team member and Switzerland’s reigning Best receptionist Paulina can count on the support of our fantastic team at The Dolder Grand including the likes of the 1st runner up to the 2019 competition Laura Moser and the World’s Best Receptionist of 2001 – the fantastic Janine Fink.


But not only our amazing hotel team supports Paulina in her preparation, but also the former Best Receptionists of AICR Switzerland! During the last (and upcoming) weeks we organized meetings online and in person for Paulina to exchange experiences with the wonderful Sarah Serisser (AICR Switzerland’s Best Receptionist 2019) as well as the reigning AICR’s World’s Best Receptionist (and previously Switzerland’s Best Receptionist 2020) Max Vetter.



Due to my experiences as a former jury member to the national but also international competition, as well as the former AICR Switzerland’s Subsection President of the Swiss-German section, I’m thrilled to support Paulina in her growth and at the same time I’m delighted to see this showcase of the Amicale spirit throughout the team and the entire country!