Myths about our industry…and mentoring

Author: Martina Knitter, Mentoring Team Switzerland

Receptionists are only handing out keys… we all know this is a myth. Another one? “Wer nichts wird wird Wirt” – in German.
My favorite one though is: Hospitality is working in a hospital.

Are there also myths available for mentoring? Of course!

Please find here my personal selection:

1. Any manager has the skill to mentor.
The truth: any manager has the potential to mentor. But why choose an objective person as a mentor? You can read in this previous article of our blog “Honesty in Mentoring“.

2. People choose mentors wisely.
The truth: most people choose mentoring partners just like themselves to stay within their comfort zones.
Your mentor should challenge you, he/she brings you new point of views and should be more like your counterpart.

Your preferable type of mentor you can find in this article “Different Types of Mentors

3. Mentoring programmes are easy to implement
The truth: mentoring programs are surprisingly difficult to implement! There are so many moving parts and individuals to involve. It is time consuming and it needs a lot of commitment.

But from my point of view it is absolutely worth it and our fairytale of implementing the programme you can read in this post:“The Sleeping Beauty

4. The best time to start a mentoring programme is when time is stable.
The truth: a good time for mentoring can be in periods of disruption.

For this reason it was during Lockdown 2020 that the AICR Switzerland realised it was time to provide support and perspective to all members which initiated this programme.

What myths do you “know” about mentoring? Leave us a comment