Mentoring means development

Author: Martina Knitter, Mentoring Team Switzerland

Probably you feel that’s not news worth a headline. But how can we develop and improve an exsisting mentoring programme?

Here are some suggestions:

1.Implement different directions of mentoring.

Next to the traditional mentoring there are:

Peer mentoring, two same level employees utilising the individual strength of each other in different subjects.
Example AICR : Helene Sneiders, previous participant of AICR Switzerland Best Receptionist is guiding current participants through the competition.

Reverse mentoring, where a more junior person mentors a more senior person.
Example AICR: Back in 20001 my Shiftleader Birthe mentored me ( her FOM) during a loss and grief situation in our department as she had been in a similar situation and was able to provide guidance and support.

Reciprocal mentoring, where traditional mentoring pairs are flipping roles and mentors discover they are receiving mentorship from their mentees.
Example AICR: during a mentoring session of Martina and Julian in how to become a successful mentor they are changing roles and Julian explains and gives advice about successfully launching a blog.

2. Including more mentors in your program

By find potential mentors in the association that have mentoring experience
Example AICR: Joscha Kranz joined the mentoring team AICR Switzerland after the official launch in June 2020.

Or developing previous mentees and juniors to grow into the role as mentor going through the peer mentoring.
Example: Julian Ferrante, previous Swiss skills participant hosted supervised mentoring workshops and mentors now other juniors on his experience.


3. Expanding into other sections

After the successful launch of mentoring in UK and Switzerland the AICR International has implemented the qualification training within their development programm “Leadership Certificate” to ensure mentoring is becoming available in all sections of the AICR worldwide.
Currently, additional to the above mentioned sections we have AICR qualified mentors in
@AICRGermany, @AICRAustria,@AICRItaly

Currently we are working with Lina Marie Buss from @AICRGermany to implement the program and making it available for all participants of the Germany`s Best Receptionist Competition.

And  hopefully the full programm will be available in these countries soon as well.

Would you like to implement mentoring in your AICR section? Like to join the world of mentoring? Leave us a comment