The circle of (changing your) life

Author: Martina Knitter, Mentoring Team Switzerland,

As you have read previous article about mentoring you learned how it can change your life and assist in overcoming challenges.


Today I like to share a story with you. You certainly will understand why choosing an AICR certified mentor can make the difference and positively impact the results.

In between you could think this story is too unlikely to happen but this is exactly how it was!


Since 2020 the winner and the two runner ups of the AICR #Bestreceptionist can choose a certified mentor to support them during the following year.

Imagine now the first runner up from Singapore decides for a mentor from Ticino, Switzerland in order to support her in her hospitality career. But shortly after the competition her path is taking her on another route and she follows her husband to the very north of Germany.

During her first mentoring session she finds out that her new mentor was born exactly in this area and to complete the coincidence even worked in the same city as the mentee is living now. This makes them easy to connect talking about places to visit and experiences not to be missed.

In the next sessions they decide of 3 areas of development in order to optimise her current experience and at the meantime prepare for her career on return to Singapore.
  1. Improve time Managment Skills
  2. Learn German to be able to communicate and integrate
  3. Online studies to develop into HR, Training & Development
  4. For optimising the results Mentor and Mentee were looking for some additional support.

So the mentor is utilising on connection from AICR as well as the Sponsors. For this Tobias Cornet from The Right Balance is included into the discussion. The initial contact was organised and both parties are taking it from there.

It is certainly an exciting year in front of the mentee. Challenges and problems might occur. But she can be sure that her mentor and AICR will support her.


The success of Mentoring is not only influenced by YOU and your mentor. It is also the network and circle around it!

So, what do you think of this story? To good to be true? Leave your comment below!