Acknowledged, agreed, achieved

The journey to the AICR Mentoring Certificate

You know what I really like about being in an association with people that have the same background, values and interests?
  • You speak the same language. And with 12 sections worldwide I do not mean that we all speak English.
  • You understand each other without explaining everything from scratch.
  • You can see each others challenges and with that find solutions faster.
  • You know which strings to pull.

So when Lilly, Nicola and myself realised that mentoring is working for our UK and Switzerland sections we wanted to bring it to the next level. But at the same time ensuring that AICR mentoring should have similarities with all mentors so mentees can expect a qualified session.

And here was the key – we needed a qualification! To give security as well as guidelines to the mentors and mentees. Additionally we also wanted to encourage other sections to join our programme.

Thankfully with Lighthouse Development we already had a strong partner on our side. They could help us to overcome the challanges.

We agreed on a training that could be completed with volunteers indifferent from their current position, place of working, backgrounds and experiences.

We also had to consider that during this time no-one had the possibility to travel.


The finalised training had two parts: online training and self assessment that had to be completed before the online life training with Kevin Daily. And I believe I can talk for everyone: we learned a lot but also had fun!

Finally we had 12 participants from 5 countries (Austria, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and Switzerland) that have received their certificates.

Certificates AICR Mentors of Switzerland

You can find all our mentors on the section homepages. Please follow this link to find

Swiss mentors
UK Mentors

Would you like to become a mentor and participate in the upcoming training 2021?

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