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The competition of 2021 AICR Best receptionist is over and we have a WINNER…

Pia Zumkley from Kempinski Berchtesgarden Germany. 

Pia Zumkley from Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden awarded the title of world’s best receptionist by AICR (

Let us take a moment to congratulate her as well as all participants.

Besides of the trophy and prices, AICR is very proud to offer one year free of charge mentoring programme. This can give great value to the candidates and help them to grow and be successful in their future career.

The candidates are due to choose their mentors and this is your opportunity!

Please read the article  of last year`s 1st runner-up Vithay from Singapore. How mentoring started for her what extra benefits she was able to take from it: AICR International  The circle of (changing your) life

We have previous talked about AICR International  How do you choose your mentor

But what about the mentor – how do we choose – as it needs to be a match for both sides. How and why could we maybe need to end a mentoring relationship and how to get started. Well, one question after the other…

  1. The AICR is providing trainings with a certification process for mentors, including preparation checklists what to ask, talk about and expectations. Following this, it is easy to understand if mentoring the candidate could work for both
  2. Ask yourself if you have enough time to commit to this task. We have mentors that step back for a season as they are currently to busy with their own tasks to fulfill this role up to their own expectations.
  3. There is supervision available: Maybe you like a more senior mentor to join one of your sessions to give feedback, so you also have the possibility to grow – though make sure your mentee is fine with that
  4. Even in professional coaching, there comes a point you can`t continue. Maybe you are too involved, to busy yourself, feeling a leak of trust, communication or common ground. That`s absolutley possible and my recommendation would be to understand the problem, speak to a mentor colleague, your mentee and offer help finding someone else. This can be a great opportunity for you to learn something as well.
  5. During AICR Certification Process you will receive some tips and tricks about how to  start a session, the mentioned checklist will help as well. And than, you have certainly made your own experience. My advice – your mentee has certainly questions and as this is all about his development, let him take the lead in your conversation. But believe me, this is sometimes not as easy as it sounds.

Uhh, this sounds all very complicated and scary. Why should I hassle?

As it is very rewarding to pass on your knowledge. And you can “learn something every time as well

(Quotation Janine Fink, Article Where is the gift) or get a summery in What mentoring means to mentors

If you are now interested in being a mentor for young talents, please send us a mail on or leave us a comment below.

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