Latest Addition to the AICR Mentoring Team

Please welcome Rachael Stevens as newly appointed Head of  AICR Talents of the AICR International.

The AICR Mentoring programme has been executed in several sections now for a few years. And eventhough each section has their own strategy in promoting and executing their programme we have been trying to unify it as much as possible:

  • common checklists to use
  • international AICR Mentor certificate
  • international exchange and networking events only for mentors

With previous Lilly Freudmayer and Louise Brodie in charge for the Mentoring Programm on international level with the new AICR International Comitee – in place since a few months-  Rachael has taken over.

For this reason Martina and Rachael sceduled an online- catch up call to exchange some ideas, expectations and thoughts about the future:


Rachael: Offering the Mentoring Services is a key benefit in my opinion for the next generation and a great selling tool for our AICR Junior Club. Having an internatoional experienced Manager to support you in your development and guide you through your career decisons can be of great help. We – as AICR International-  should make this offer more visible and hopefully can make more Sections to join the programm.

Martina: With the success of previous mentee- mentor realtionships and their successstories we have proven the benefit. Hopefully we can kick of again and built on the good realatioship we have between the countries that are currently running the programme activly: Austria, Germany, United Kingdom and Switzerland.


We are wishing Rachael all the Best and success for her new role and are looking forward hearing from her again very soon. If you have questions for Rachael- or Martina- please don`t hesitate to write us on .