Preparation time for the Contest Switzerland`s Best Receptionist

Author Martina KnitterMentoring Team AICR Switzerland

Mentoring has different task within the AICR.

One if them has been fulfilled even before the program was up and running in 2020.

This task is

Preparing candidates for the Competition Switzerlands Best Receptionist.

There are already several articles about this as:

About the journey:

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Feedback from a Mentee after the competition:

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Last year we had the great opportunity to coach all participants on their way by upfront Zoom calls and on sight trainings.

It was a great sucess as the candidates had a chance to form a group and supporting each other rather beeing competitors during the days. This format was also adapted within the AICR Germany.

Though this year our task was different but even more exiting. Even though we could only support a smaller group on their way, we could see the impact and the success was obvious and measurable.

For more information read our next article coming up: You are all winners. (Available from the 15th December )