Mentoring AICR Switzerland @SwissSkills 2022

Author Martina KnitterMentoring Team AICR Switzerland


Supporting the next generation is a major interest of the mentoring team.

So it was a great oppertunity that erased for us during the preparation for this years SwissSkills 2022 in Bern

Six joung talents had applied for this competition. They had to complete 3 backoffice task, one telephone conversation as well as a Roleplay with 2 guests approching the Recption Desk: a realistic but challanging situation.

During the preparation of five months the candidates had the great support from their hotels and suppervisors to practise on these tasks from a practical perspective. Nevertheless a few of them were looking for a mental support to adjust and digest the stress and pressure on the competition day.

With Julian Ferrante, previous bronze medal winner at the Euroskills Graz and myself as Personal and Business Coach we worked with Enèa Epelbaum, Hotel Continental, Luzern, to overcome her fears, analysing her strength as well as using some simple tools in order to utilise all her potential.

Here is her feedback:

“The training was very helpful – not only mentally but even fiscally. For me it is always important to understand how I can do something and not only be told what to do. I felt that someone was by my side.

During the trainings with Martina and Julian I have learnt a lot. This knowledge was very helpful during the competition but I am sure I will profit from this during my entire life.

I have realised during the last weeks how I can benefit from this menatl training and how helpful it is to stay calm in challanging situation.”




Also for me it was a great pleasure working with Enéa, who was always dedicated to grow and take all oppertunities to learn. She made great efforts to grap this chance of a life time experience.

Julian Ferrante, Mentor AICR Switzerland also supported the candidates with a different focus:

“It has always been important to me that I do not only give the candidates (including Enèa) the technical expertise, but the international competition experience.

In doing so, I myself once again raised awareness of the most important milestones of the profession and were thus able to apply them better myself: process knowledge, knowledge of offers and empathy.

Especially empathy was and remains essential to perceive the needs of the guest.
It has always been a pleasure for me to be able to accompany and inspire Enéa on her way.”


We would like to point out that all candidates did a fantastic job

and it was joyful to see these talents of our industry in action during the competition. But it fills us with pride that Enéa made it to the Podium. We believe this is only the beginning of an incredible journey for her and we wish her best of luck.

Sure there is more to come…


The three winners of SwissSkils Reception 2022: Congratulations!

Carmen Többen

Naibi G. Duttweiler

Enèa Epelbaum