What are the advantages of mentoring?

Author: Martina Miciecki, Mentoring Team Switzerland

Mentors not only fall into many different roles, they also do a lot more, namely:

• Mentors are good listeners and they like to listen to you. It is not the wife or partner who is complained about (again) at home and no longer likes to hear it, but nods out of politeness. Or the colleague who, in return, has his own story ready that he absolutely has to tell. Or the boss who doesn’t have time for your concerns. Your mentor really listens to you and cares about you.

• Mentoring can save you from making mistakes. You can play through scenarios with your mentor before they occur. Your mentor has a wealth of experience, has taken the same steps years before you and can thus show you the best way to go.

• Mentors can save you a lot of time and energy. While you laboriously search through the Internet, books and tutorials and have to repeatedly try out what could work, you lose valuable time. The result that was hoped for but not achieved is disappointing and robs you of valuable energy. Take theshortcut with your mentor, learn secrets and accelerate the achievement of your goals.

• Mentors motivate and keep you on the right track. Through a regular exchange, you will stay on top of the implementation and achievement of your goals. Mentors are pushing and giving ideas so that the mentee stays focused and focused.

• Mentors open doors. Mentors are very familiar with their field, have a good network and have colleagues who may have even more experience on a particular topic, competence or ability. You open doors to even more knowledge and a growing network. The really good jobs are often given today because someone knows someone. What if your mentor puts in a good word for you or a recommendation or puts you in contact with your dream employer?

Benefits only for mentees?

No way!

Mentoring brings advantages not only for mentees, but also for the mentors themselves. It is a reciprocal relationship, i.e. mentor and mentee learn from each other and both develop as a result. This is made possible by building a trusting relationship that is characterised by appreciation and respect.

Watch the video with Martina, Sara and Jakob about a real mentorship growing and what happened next.

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