Do it like Rihanna and Oprah Winfrey

Author: Martina Miciecki, Mentoring Team Switzerland


Oprah Winfrey had one, and so did Rihanna and Bill Gates. What do these famous personalities have in common?

The answer is: a mentor. At the beginning of their careers, all of them had people around them who believed in them, encouraged them, supported them and accompanied them on their way to success.

Marc Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook, mentions Steve Jobs, the late Apple founder, as his mentor. When Marc Zuckerberg became unsure at the beginning of his company formation, he sought out Steve Jobs, who gave him valuable advice. As a result, he regained focus and pretty much everyone knows what has become of the Facebook company today – a success story!

But mentoring isn’t just about getting rich and famous.


You don’t have to want to start a business to benefit from a mentor. There may be other areas or situations where you would like to seek the advice or expertise of someone else:

acquire new knowledge

deepen knowledge

learn new skills

expand skills

change habits

define values

activate resources

find solutions

get inspiration

show perspectives

• …and much more


This is a video on how mentoring could start.

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